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Clinical Webinar Series:
The Power of Accurate Mass MS/MS Data in Targeted and NON-Targeted (STA) Toxicological Analysis

In this webinar, we will show how the AB SCIEX TripleTOF® LC/MS/MS systems simultaneously acquire both full scan MS and MS/MS accurate mass data at unprecedented speeds to enable both quantitative and qualitative analysis to be performed in a single injection on UHPLC time scales with the highest degree of confidence in assigning the correct intoxicant ID.

Particular attention will be focused on a unique accurate mass LC/MS/MS workflow: General Unknown Comparative Screening (GUCS), for the identification of completely unknown drugs and their metabolites in biological matrices.

This GUCS workflow rapidly allows identification of unknown / unexpected intoxicants in human biomatrices without the requirement for prior knowledge about possible identity of the intoxicant. Due to the specificity /selectivity of the MS/MS data acquired in the above workflow, it is particularly suitable for the in-depth analysis of real life, complex samples, where matrix interferences are often experienced.

Who should attend?
Anyone involved in the forensic testing and wishes to learn more about screening approaches using High Resolution mass spectrometry

Key Learning Points:

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