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Clinical Webinar Series:
Basics of Mass Spectrometry and its use in the Clinical laboratory

Over the last 10 years many LC/MS/MS applications have been developed by clinical diagnostic laboratories and successfully implemented as the technology has become more robust, reliable and affordable. LC/MS/MS offers many technical and financial advantages for the clinical laboratory and is now seen as a complementary and in some cases a viable alternative to immunoassays.

An overview of the basics of Mass Spectrometry will be discussed and highlight some of the key advantages of the technology which have led to the successful adoption of the technique into clinical diagnostic laboratories. Some of the other considerations that need to be taken into account when evaluating a new technology will be reviewed.

Who should attend?
Anyone involved in the diagnosis, treatment or testing of patients and interested in the understanding the basics of mass spectrometry and its uses in the routine clinical laboratory.

Key Learning Points:

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